Urban areas can generate over 20x more runoff compared to natural landscapes. However, by implementing Green Infrastructure into our community, Fulton County can reduce this runoff rate, protecting our natural resources. 

Green infrastructure refers to the techniques and Best Management Practices (BMPs) used for treating stormwater. By using natural materials integrated into the landscape, water runoff from roads and sidewalks can be managed in a more sustainable way. For example, projects such as rain gardens allow for water to soak into the ground and be absorbed into the plants, instead of going into the storm sewer and having our downstream waters polluted. 

Some benefits of implementing Green Infrastructure in the community include: 

  • Reduces neighborhood floodings
  • Lessons burden on urban pipes and drainage systems 
  • Protects streams from erosion and pollution
  • Improves air quality
  • Supports biodiversity, by providing habitat for our pollinators
  • Increases property values

Application period is 


​More details on grant winners will be posted as they come. 

The Georgia Conservation Assistance Program is providing both educational and funding opportunities for homeowners in the community to install Green Infrastructure practices on their property. Possible projects eligible for full funding include: cisterns, dry wells, rain gardens, downspout disconnects, and impervious surface removal. These projects are intended to capture and/or infiltrate surface runoff produced following rainfall, and are primarily designed to manage stormwater coming from a source on the property, such as a roof, driveway or lawn. 

GACD and the Conservation Districts are partnering with the University of Georgia to host a free virtual workshop that will provide information on green infrastructure practices and maintenance, and outline the GCAP program and application procedure. This virtual workshop will be held on September 10 at 10am and again at 6:30pm. Anyone who participates in the workshop will receive extra points on their GCAP application.

GCAP application period is currently CLOSED.  Any future funding opportunities through this program will be posted on our website, facebook page, and the
GACD website here


Through partnership with the Georgia Association of Conservation Districts, Fulton County is proud to announce its involvement in the Georgia Conservation Assistance Program (GCAP). This program provides financial and educational assistance to landowners in Cobb County and Fulton County with reducing nonpoint source pollution on urban, non agricultural lands

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Georgia Conservation Assistance Program 

(Updated January 2021)

Learn more about the importance of Green Infrastructure through this video: