The Fulton County Soil & Water Conservation District  help reduce the negative impacts of flood events by managing the 10 Watershed Dams within the county. ​ Due to the District's limited resources, maintenance of these strategic flood control structures is mainly accomplished by working closely with property owners, local governments, the State Soil & Water Conservation Commission, and NRCS.

​Benefits of these dams include : 

  • Flood control
  • Erosion/sediment control
  • Recreation
  • Fish and wildlife habitat
  • Watershed protection
  • Water quality
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Water supply

​For more information about Georgia's watershed dams, clickhere.

Little River, Dam #25 

Little River, Dam #25 (LR-25) is a dam the district is currently working closely on to ensure the public safety of the community. LR-25 was designed and constructed in 1960, and is one of the 17 watershed dams constructed along the entirety of Little River. LR-25 receives runoff from a 9.74 square mile watershed. The dam is currently classified as a high hazard dam. 

A compliance study of the dam found that the existing dam is SAFE and operating as designed. The dam is in compliance with NRCS Design criteria and  GA SDP Design criteria. However, minor repairs are needed to the embankment and principal spillway. The next step in the process is an NRCS Watershed Plan Update. 

For more information regarding the dam, please download the Watershed Dam Rehabilitation Public Engagement Meeting's powerpoints below.


Protecting Our Waters