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Sarah Wood, winner of the Fulton District's poster contest, also won 1st Place at the state level 2015 GACD poster contest in the 7th-8th grade category.  Pictured from left to right: Valerie Pickard, Alan Toney, and John Spotts.

The Fulton County Soil and Water Conservation District presents

The Fulton County Soil and Water Conservation District was created in 1937 by the Georgia General Assembly to protect the state's soil and water resources following the Dust Bowl of the 1930's.  Our District encompasses 14 local governments, 1 million citizens, the central economic engine for the Southeastern United States, as well as the headwaters of three major river systems that provide the primary source of fresh water to 10 million people, in three States.  We are stewards of the waters shared by citizens, industry, and agriculture.

Day-to-day operations of the District include working closely with the local units of government, citizens, developers, builders and conservation entities to fully implement the Georgia Erosion and Sediment Control Act.



Treating urban stormwater runoff with vegetation, soils, and rainwater harvesting techniques.

Green Infrastructure


Working with local, state, & federal agencies to protect our natural resources.

Reducing the negative effects of flood events by managing Watershed Dams within the county.

Flood Protection

Protecting our surface waters from the negative impacts of construction activities.

Erosion & Sediment Control

protecting our Soil & Water resources through conservation & Education